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Custom Designed Enclosures

An enclosure designed completely from scratch to suit your application.

Custom Design gives you the freedom to design a unique enclosure to match the requirements of your application, as well as a unique style for your business.

complete design freedom

Different colours, shapes, cut-outs, logo printing, logo routing, mounting hardware etc can all be accommodated.

Quick turnaround

Our simplified processes can take you from concept to delivery in the shortest possible timescales.

cost effective

From 25 to 100,000+ we have manufacturing options to produce an ideal enclosure at best cost.

We understand that our clients often require Custom Designed Enclosures to meet specific aesthetic, packaging, or EMC needs. Our full-service design facilities, from prototyping to production, feature 3D printing. Modified and Fabricated Plastic and Metal Enclosures (without the need for tooling!), Injection Moulding and associated tooling. Our customer design capabilities extend beyond enclosures and into electronics and electro-mechanical components.



what is the custom design process?

Step 1: Get in touch with us!

No matter what stage you are at with your project, from an idea, a rough sketch, to a full CAD File, get in touch with us!

Step 2: Concept

We’ll discuss your requirements and ensure we’re focused on delivering all of the key aspects.

Step 3: Prototype

Upon drawing approval we will proceed to manufacturing prototypes for pre-production approval.

Step 4: Repeat!

We store all design information in our system so when it comes to placing a repeat order, we’re good to go!

Sept 5: Stock & Manufacturing services

We can stock the modified enclosure, and even manufacturer and stock the final product for you.

We offer a full ‘turnkey’ service!

We strive to offer a full ‘turnkey’ service, enabling our customers the ability to receive a fully functional ‘plug-and-play’ product straight out of the box. Our process works closely with our design team to support enclosure custom-design and customisation, meaning we can deliver a working product to you in no time at all.


Get in Touch

What is the lead time for a custom design enclosure?

For a tool-free fabricated enclosure design, our aim would be to quote within 48 hours and deliver within 4-5 weeks, depending on machine time, drawing approvals etc

Moulded designs are dependant on tooling initially, but we have both UK and Far East moulding facilities that can delivery with 2-10 weeks respectively.

Can you install my hardware into the enclosure?

We can install pillars, supports and posts for your PCB, right up to a fully built, tested and packaged finished product!

Am I limited on the shape of the Enclosure I can pick?

Despite being manufactured from flat-sheet, our fabricated designs are surprisingly versatile and can be designed with curved shapes.

For the ultimate in round shapes, a tooled moulded product would be recommended.

Can you quote if I haven't got a drawing yet?

Yes, we can estimate fabricated enclosures from a rough sketch and refine the cost once we have produced drawings and prototype batches.

Drawings or CAD files are preferred for estimating tooling and enclosure costs for moulded products.

What is the biggest enclosure you can make?

We make large trolleys using our fabricated process. The plastic sheets can be purchased over 1M square, so theoretically we could fabricate an enclosure, without joins, over a cubic meter!

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