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enclosure customisation

A standard enclosure, perfectly customised for your application.

Enclosure customisation allows you to take a standard, off-the-shelf enclosure and transform it into a product which is suited exactly to your requirements.

Low minimum order quantities

A cost effective option and ideally suited for small to medium sized businesses.


Our simplified process allows us to take you from concept to delivery in no time at all.

tailored to your application

Drill holes, add printing to make your enclosure suit the needs of it’s application perfectly.


Enclosure Solutions boast a huge range of 5500+ standard Enclosures, all of which we can customised using the following services…

  • Machining: Holes, Slots, Louvres, Tapped Holes, Routing, Cutting and Countersinking etc. Special length extrusions.
  • Surface coating and RFI shielding: Powder coating, painting and EMC coating for environmental protection, bespoke colours, surface finishes and RFI shielding.
  • Printing and engraving: Digital printing, silk-screening and CNC engraving for your logo’s and product branding, electrical component and functional identification, specification text lines etc.
  • Additional Parts: Pre-Installed Accessories, PCB Pillars, Studs, Labels, Keypads etc
  • Turnkey Manufacturing: Fully Manufactured Enclosure, built, tested and packaged ready for your market.





What is the customisation process?

Step 1: Select your standard enclosure

We have over 5500+ enclosures for you to choose from. Search by size, category, colour, IP rating, material, shape, mounting type or features.


Step 2: Request a quotation

Once the standard enclosure has been selected, fill out our ‘Customised Enclosure’ form to send an RFQ directly to our sales team, we aim to get back to you with a quotation within 24 hours.

Step 3: Place an order

When all customisations have been confirmed and you’re happy with our pricing, the next step would be to place an order. We aim to provide new customers with a Net 30 account to help get your customised enclosure to you as soon as possible.



Step 4: Make sure you’re happy

For first time orders we produce a production drawing and send these directly to your for your approval. We will also produce a sample of the customised enclosure, allowing you to carry out final checks before moving into production batch sizes.


Step 5: Repeat!

We store all design information in our system so when it comes to placing a repeat order, just email over a purchase order, the team will process it and we’re good to go!

Step 6: Stock & Manufacturing services

We offer our clients a full ‘turnkey’ service, enabling our customers the ability to receive a fully functional ‘plug-and-play’ product straight out of the box. We can stock the modified enclosure, or even the finished product!


Will customisation effect the IP rating of the enclosure?

Holes and slots can adversely affect the IP rating of the enclosure, however we can fit IP rated cable-glands and waterproof keypads etc to ensure you have the right level of ingress protection for your application. Let us know what you need to achieve and our technical experts will be able to offer a solution.

What is the MOQ for enclosure customisation?

Typically, the minimum order is 25 units.  This can vary depending on product and services required.

What is the lead-time for a customised enclosure?

Our typical lead-time is around 4-5 weeks to supply a customised enclosure, depending on the availability of the standard part. However we are mindful of your projet requirements, so please let us know if a particular requirement is urgent and we will do all we can to get you’re the product within your required timescale.

What machining accuracy can you achieve with enclosure customisation?

Our general machining tolerance is +/-0.15mm due to the general tolerances used in the manufacture of the enclosures. As a result, we are unable to guarantee positional tolerances of less than +/- 0.25mm for any machined feature relative to the external surfaces of the enclosure. This also applies to the positional tolerance of any dimension taken from any internal post or other internal location or from theoretical centre lines.

Machined features such as cut-outs and holes can be machined to sizes with a tolerance of +/-0.15mm and the tolerance between one machined feature and another can be machined to a tolerance of +/- 0.15mm.

Tolerances on the cut lengths of extrusion enclosures are +/- 0.50mm

The minimum corner radius we can achieve is 0.75mm due to the minimum cutter diameter.

I need an enclosure size which isn’t on your website. Can I get a custom product made?

Yes you can. For low-volume requirements we can offer a tool-free solution and for large volumes we have both UK and Far-Eastern Moulding facilities.

What do you need from me to quote for an enclosure to be customised?

We can quote from a preliminary drawing, a digital file or from a mock-up sample if you have created one.

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